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Ground spicy pepper

Our plant processes spicy pepper, which is produced in two areas: in the north of Bačka, in the region of Potisje, and in the western part of Bačka - in the Danube region. These peppers belong to the Hungarian variety of peppers and are among the best when it comes to their taste.
Compared to the Spanish and Chinese types of peppers, the taste of the ground pepper we produce is less bitter and sour, giving the dish a fresher, juicier, generally milder taste.
Besides ground sweet pepper, we also have ground hot pepper in our range of products. The production capacity is 800 tons per year.

Ground Spicy Pepper
Agricultural production

Economical production of spicy pepper (Capsicum annuum) is only possible on nutrient-rich soil, with additional irrigation as needed. Pepper is a plant that requires a lot of water and heat. Although pepper is a perennial herb, it does not tolerate low temperatures, and, due to our climate, the harvest ends during the first frost. The special taste of our peppers is due to a great number of sunny hours a year.
We mainly produce and process HS-2 and HS-6 varieties which are home grown.


Harvesting peppers is possible by machine, but peppers that make the raw material for a quality product are still harvested by hand, which significantly increases production costs.
After picking, the pepper ripens in prisms, in the air, for 7 to 15 days, which ensures the full development, formation and stabilization of the pepper color.

Paprika Processing

During the drying process, pepper is chopped, washed, and dried in hot air in a strip dryer.
After drying, we grind the pepper, with the technology of three pairs of stones. Homogenization is carried out in a single conical mixer with a capacity of 4 tons. If necessary, we also sterilize the ground pepper.

Finished Product

The grain size of the ground pepper we distribute is 0.4 mm. By quality we offer peppers with 60-160 ASTA units of color.
The capsaicin content that gives hotness to the pepper from our production is 5,000 Scoville Units.
We pack peppers in 25 kg bags.