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Agricultural production

Raw materials for the operation of the dryer are obtained from our own production and from contracted procurements.
Own agricultural production takes place in a single 900-hectare production complex where sowing planning is based on production logs that can be used long-term.
The entire land can be irrigated with 7 stationary Valmont irrigation systems. The size of the surface allows optimization of the machine fleet, the most important elements of which are:

  • 3 pepper combine harvesters
  • 1 John Deere combine harvester
  • 4 spice plant harvesting machines
  • 2 crawler tractors of 300 HP
  • 3 heavy tractors of 160 HP
  • 10 tractors of 80 HP
  • 7 Valmont controlled irrigation systems
  • 7 irrigation typhoons

There are precision sprayers in the machine fleet with which we can evenly disperse plant protection products. Precision spraying also helps GPS control mounted in tractors.
Expert knowledge in professional management is provided by the employment of three graduate agricultural engineers whose task is to plan, manage, and operationally control the plant protection.
We buy a smaller amount of raw material from about 100 agricultural producers and entrepreneurs from the surrounding area.