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Dried spinach leaf

In the processing process, dried spinach leaves represent the earliest product of our company. We distribute dried spinach in the form of leaves or powder - the production capacity is 300 tons per year.

Ground dried spinach is mostly used in the dough industry as a food coloring.


Agricultural production

Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) is an annual plant that can winter in moderate temperate climates. Our company only processes spinach in the fall of winter sowing due to the fact that we can get a final beautiful green product from it.
The whole amount of spinach comes from its own agricultural production, which, in relation to chemical residues, greatly guarantees food safety.

Spinach harvest

Fresh spinach is harvested during the month of April. We harvest with autonomous cutting machines.
We produce spinach within 30 km of our company. Proximity to the soil is important since spinach must be brought to the dryer 3-4 hours after cutting to prevent fermentation.
The average yield per hectare reaches 30 tonnes.

Spinach Production

Before drying, we remove the weeds and the thick leaf tree from the spinach, then grind it and wash it with water without any chemicals. After drying, the leaves are separated from the tree and sorted. Before packing with saturated steam, we sterilize the dried product.

Spinach Final Product
Finished Product

Dried spinach is distributed in leafy form in 1-2 and 2-4 mm fractions, or in powder form with a 0.14 mm grain size. Optional packaging can be done in cardboard boxes or paper bags.