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Dried parsley leaf

Dried parsley is the most important and most represented product of our company. We are among the largest producers in the European market. In addition to flat leaf parsley, we also produce curly leaf parsley.
When it comes to use, dried parsley leaves are put as a spice in sachet soups and in semi-prepared foods. Our production capacity is 1,000 tonnes of dried parsley leaf per year.

Parsley Field
Agricultural production

Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is one of the most difficult spicy herbs to produce. Its production requires soil rich in nutrients and uniform humidity.
Own production accounts for 70% of the total processed quantity, and an additional 30% is procured from contracted production.

Parsley Harvest

Our climatic conditions make it possible to cut parsley four times a year. After each cutting, we perform the necessary plant protection and nutrient replenishment, and, if necessary, watering to compensate for the need for moisture.
We produce parsley within 30 km of our company, where we also buy it from other manufacturers. The proximity of the soil is important since parsley must be brought to the dryer 3-4 hours after cutting to prevent leaf fermentation.

Parsley Processing

Before drying, we remove the weeds and the thick leaf tree from the parsley, then grind it, wash it and dose it in the dryer.
After drying, we separate the leaves from the stalk and sort them. Before packing with saturated steam, we sterilize and pack the finished product.

Finished Product Parsley
Finished Product

Parsley is distributed in 0.3–0.8 mm, 1–2 mm and 2–4 mm leaf fractions, as well as in the form of parsley stem.
The packaging can be done in cardboard boxes or paper bags.