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Dried dill

Dill is also known as a spice and as a herb.
After its full development, dill blossoms very quickly. However, the blossoming dill is completely inadequate for further processing. Due to this short harvest period, production is limited.
Dill is used primarily in the spice and canning industry. In addition to dried leaves, our company also distributes dill stalks. Production capacity is 120 tonnes of leaf and 80 tonnes of stalk per year.

Dill Field
Agricultural production

Dill (Anethum graveolens) is a short vegetation plant that is sown in early spring and processed in May. Its production requires a lot of watering.
The difficulties in its production come from the fact that it blossoms very quickly after full development. However, the blossoming dill is completely inadequate for further processing.

Dill Harvest

Fresh dill is harvested during the month of May. We harvest with autonomous cutting machines. The larger amount of dill we process comes from contracted production, and a smaller amount comes from our own production.
We produce dill within 30 km of our company, where we also buy it from other producers. The proximity of the soil is important since dill must be brought to the dryer 3-4 hours after cutting to prevent leaf fermentation.
The average yield reaches 15 tonnes per hectare.

Dill Processing

Before drying, we remove the weeds and the thick leaf tree from the dill, then grind it, wash it and dose it in the dryer.
After drying, we separate the inflorescences with special grilles and sieving method. Before packing with saturated steam, we sterilize and pack the product.

Finished Product Dill
Finished Product

Dried dill leaf is produced in 5 mm fractions, and can be ground into powder if desired. Optional packaging; can be done in cardboard boxes or paper bags.